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310MC has been a lot of fun. It’s been really nice to produce some film that i enjoy, and just concentrating on what i want to show to my audiences. ‘m looking forward to the final major project starting in 2010.

I’m going to be working with Aimée Spiers. We have worked together before so we both know what we are capable of. We’ve also had a skills audit tutorial for another module which gave us a few ideas of what to do next in terms of working together now and possibly in the future.

A few things we have worked on in the past:

Including university assignments…

A 3 minute documentary-

Various short films –

And some experimental films just for fun –

We have spoken about the kind of productions we would like to create, and came up with some themes; documentary music video.

Our next step is to come up with some ideas, and make sure we have back-ups.


Reflection from doing this module (310MC)

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I have very much enjoyed studying for this module. at first i thought i would struggle in coming up with ideas, because in a lot of previous work i have been in groups of 3 or more, and with all our brains coming together we would be able to discuss and develop ideas.

It took me a while to get into the way of working with ideas along with research and development, but i managed it. This module has given me a chance to really get into my own way of work, working with just myself on planning, creating and researching.

When it came to producing the artefacts i would spent a lot of time hovering over ideas that were just floating about, until i managed to come up with something strong, but from then on i found it easy and exciting to just let my ideas and creativity flow, and produce what i could in the time given. I really felt the need to show off any skills that i already had, and did so, but i also spent a lot of time thinking of things that i maybe haven’t spent a lot of time on before, such as new shots, being creative with composition of shots and editing, as well of trying to think of creating something that i wouldn’t normally do.

This module has also persuaded me to spend a lot more time thinking of ideas and researching for these. I feel that this is an area of work that i need to improve upon. i’ve realised that media production isnt just about grabbing a camera and filming something random, editing it a bit and then putting it on youtube. from now on i will be thinking a great deal about what im trying to show, what it means to me. i will be thinking about my target audience, and if what i produce will even make sense.

I’m looking forward to this module fading into 311MC, where i can really get down and produce some serious film.

3 Final Artifacts: power.spectacle.memory

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Here are the links to the 3 final artefacts.




Feedback and Reflection for Memory Artifact

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I am pleased with the response i got from this video. I enjoy getting feedback because it helps me think about my video from points of view that i might not have previously seen. Anyway.

The good:

  • Good use of split screen
  • Good soundtrack/music.
  • Good idea/well thought out
  • Good use of thinking (very interesting and different way of thinking)
  • Good in that there’s always something to look at/very interesting.

The bad:

  • Too long. people got the idea, and then got bored.
  • Should have been a point to the video, a punchline.
  • Difficult for some viewers to watch/ fast moving, flashy images.

From this feedback, i can get a great idea of what other people think of things ive done. for this video, i had no idea that it went on a long time, because i wanted to keep it in time with the whole soundtrack. I also got so engrossed in making the video work with the split screen, and carefully editing it so, that i didnt think to make a punchline for it.

Memory. The shoot and final video.

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I filmed all i needed for the artifact in about 20 minutes. i made sure the camera was well attached to the bike, turned it on, and rode from my house in Coundon to the Ellen Terry building, where i have my lectures. its 1.3 miles, and took me around 6 minutes. I then checked the shot, set the camera again, and rode back, a slightly different way.
I was very aware of the camera on the bike while i was riding, and i was quite worried that it might fall off at some point but it held fast for the whole ride. it took me about 8 minutes to ride back, i think because it was a slightly slower journey amongst people, and i had less energy on the way back.

making the video took a lot more effort that i thougt it would. i checked the files from the camera and was pleased with what i saw, but i had to convert them from MOV files to AVI in order for me to edit them on my software. i then had to rotate them, and spend a lot of time positioning them so that i could have both shots on screen.

I wanted to show the journey i had made, and the return journey in one shot. this also fitted in well with the fact that the video was filmed portrait, because this was the only way i could attach it to the bike. i flipped one of the clips horizontally, so that when they both played at the same time, it resembled a mirrored affect, with the wheel and forks both in the middle, and the two different angles at the sides.

this image shows what i managed to create. the shot on the right is normal, the one on the left has been mirrored horizontally. i carefully repositioned and resized the clips to fit in the middle, and also fit well into widescreen.

i decided to add some music to the clip. i chose a song called “The Cage” by Calibre, who i have been listening to lately. i wanted to use some music because the actual sound from the clip is very windy and rattly, and therefore difficult and painful to listen to. this song is quite chilled and easy to listen to, and it works well with the video.

a last note; at the start of the video i thought i would include the initial clip of me walking to the gate in front of my house, and starting to ride. i then blended the music in to fit on top. i also introduced the clips separately, to make sure that the audience knows that they are two separate clips to watch, and that both need to be paid attention to.

for a link to watch the final video, see the post above.

Memory Artifact. Planning and test shoot.

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I have decided to go with the idea of attaching a camera to a bike. my bike. this video works behind the idea that i have obviously memorised my journey to university every day, and because i am so used to this journey, i dont even think about where im going.

I want to look at this journey and get a view from a different angle. literally. with the camera attached to the main bar i think i will be able to get a good view of where im going on the bike, whilst showing the wheel and possibly the front forks, to give the video a bit more of an exciting feel. it will also show the maneuverability of the bike and its speed.

I have a gorrilla pad tripod grip thing for attaching cameras to pretty much anything… but it didnt really work, and the video was very shaky and bouncy, so i ended up using a lot of cardboard and duct tape. and came up with this shot:

im really pleased with the shot, i think it looks good and the camera held steady, even when i was riding fast over bumps in the road. im hoping that it will hold when i do the actual shoot, especially if im riding off pavements and over speed bumps, etc.

Memory Artifact – Idea 2.

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I’ve had another idea for the memory artifact.. along the same lines as the BMX stunt video, but this time, remembering how to get somewhere in particular… or remembering your way around a city..

this makes me think… well i know my way around Coventry now! and im always riding my bike into lectures etc.

I’m thinking of attaching a camera to my bike and filming it from an obscure angle.. ie just behind a wheel, or with the chain and peddles in shot. i think this could be quite interesting.

Ive had another look on youtube, and eventually found a video with this sort of filming style used.

this video is good, but i think if i do go along and use the style of filming, i’ll make sure the audience get a better look at where i’m going… but putting the camera in a place where there is more of a view of the journey.